2019 Keep Stitching

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Be inspired!
Please contact me if you would like me to present a talk or workshop to your group.

Discover my inspiration, working practice and creative process as I develop textile and quilt designs.

Find out how my work has been influenced by vintage quilts, the traditions & techniques of quilt making, my observations of the changing seasons, and my love of colour and pattern. I
 aim to spark ideas which you can use in your own quilt making.

I am continually updating this presentation as my work evolves. I bring my quilts, stitched samples and sketchbooks and I am always happy to answer questions.

A one hour power-point presentation with samples of work

Ideas, Creativity, Inspiration: Keep Stitching!

Develop your colour confidence & explore a variety of ideas concerning colour for the quilt maker.


I aim to inspire you to make exciting colour choices for your quilts, enhance your colour awareness & develop your own approach to designing with colour.

The colours in my own textile work are often chosen as a response to observing nature and the landscape throughout the changing seasons. I have a hands-on approach - sketching, taking photos, making mood boards and stitching samples.

The power-point presentation includes some thought provoking 'quick-colour- theory' and some fun colour exercises.

A one hour power-point presentation with samples of work

Colour for the Quilt Maker

Join me for a day of stitching discovery. I will be sharing my favourite techniques of quilt making and embroidery to help you make your own textile samples inspired by the colours, shapes and textures observed in leaves and seeds. I will guide you through my creative process: showing you where my ideas come from, how I make samples in textiles, and how these can be developed towards a final quilt design. I will come with a host of ideas for you as well as some templates you can use if you feel unsure about making your own.

We will look at ways to add surface design, texture and embellishments, using a combination of hand quilting, embroidery & appliqué.

This is a fun and experimental workshop. My aim is to inspire and give you confidence to explore the techniques further in your own time.

Hand stitching will be used throughout the workshop.
It is suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of hand stitching.

1 Day Workshop with Isobel Loftus (Approx 6 hours)

Nature Notes: Leaves and Seeds